i'll keep playing to the

audience i like...!

when i was around ten years old, i got an original 2ds for christmas. this was the first time i'd ever had a device for myself, and it was the first time i'd ever had a device that could access youtube without my parents looking over my shoulder. i loved listening to music on it, and i managed to find jubyphonic's cover of game of life. i absolutely loved this song, and i had all the lyrics memorized within the first few days of listening to it. from that, i started getting other reccomendations for song sjubyphonic sung- as well as some of these funky little anime songs i'd never heard before.

one of the first things i saw about vocaloid was one of akidearest's videos on it. i don't remember which it was, exactly, but i was already interested in black butler at the time, so i was pretty open to learning about more anime-type things. while i was definitely too young to be exposed to akidearest's content, i couldn't pretend it didn't interest me greatly. from there, i branched out into listening to more vocaloid music. one of the first songs i heard was madness of duke venomania (which i was also definitely too young for.) i remember listening to every len song i could find. i watched cosplay videos. i was obsessed.

as time went on, i continued to learn more about vocaloid and listen to more and more songs. gakupo and luka quickly became my favourites, and they remain my favourites to this day. i remember when project mirai DX came out, i got it as soon as i possibly could. i even got it early enough to get the version with the wallet chain and AR cards. i met my current best friend because we both loved vocaloid. i even downloaded utau to try and make my own songs with teto.

vocaloid songs are a major part of my life. they're still the most dominant form of music in my life, and when i'm bored i'll load up one of the project diva/mirai games and play a few songs. the characters make me so happy, and the music feels so much more genuine than other types of music. it sounds so true, so from the heart, and it is absolutely wonderful. the vocaloid community has been with me for so, so long, and it means the world to me.

also, fun fact: me and hatsune miku have the same birthday! :D