top art is by me, bottom art is by my friend @r3x-x on tumblr!

i don't particularly know why, but one day i decided that it would be really cool if i made a transformers magical girl. comet chaser was born from that. she isn't a transformer herself, she's more like one of their human buddies, and her partner is knockout. you can read about her lore here! she's a very typical good-guy, goody-two-shoes. that's not to say she's naive; she knows what's wrong with the world, and she's doing her best to stop it. a real hero.


surfs up is probably my favourite of the ocs i've made. he's a shark, but he isn't really interested in biting or eating people, he just wants to hang ten and be cool. he's an autobot under their seaformers division that is totally real and that i totally didn't just come up with. he's a fun-loving guy and he's very careful about his own strength, but he can forget how strong he is when he's excited. he's friends with abby mist. the fins double as weapons, as they're very sharp. don't ask how the hawaiian shirt and sunglasses fit him, by the way, no one knows.


killer wail! he's my decepticon. he turns into an orca. i also totally stole his name from a special move in splatoon, LOL. unlike surfs up, he has no reservations about hurting people. like literally none. it should probably be worrying honestly, but y'know, he's a decepticon, so it's seen as pretty normal. he absolutely does not know his own strength and should not be trusted around people. but anyway; like surfs up he has fin-blades and the speaker in his chest is able to emit sounds loud enough to shatter glass. they usually just sound like whale noises.


streamer is another one of my autobots! he's a goldfish, and i had originally had the idea that he would be part of a school of fishformers, until i realized that... goldfish are not schoolfish. so that idea is sorta scrapped, but he might still have some brothers in the future! he's a minibot, but he still gets worried about accidentally hurting humans all the time. he's a real sweetheart, he just wants to help people, and he isn't a fan of fighting. he generally is a technician for the submarine-ship-thing that the fish-autobots inhabit.


this guy was made entirely because someone i know got a mustang after years of us telling them to get a new car. he's big-ish and flashy and kind of a jerk, to be honest. he's a neutral, not becuase he particularly disagrees with either ideology, he simply thinks he is the smartest and he would be the best one to lead an army. he isn't- his whole purpose is to be flashy and fast, not smart.


abby mist is the human buddy that travels with my transformers. i figure every series has to have one human, right? this one is actually based on a very close friend of mine because she LOVES sharks, and i thought it would be very fun to basically recreate her as my shark-formers buddy. she's a highschooler who wants to major in astronomy!