i've always loved robots. seriously, all my life i've been obsessed with them. it's mostly due to my brother showing me star wars when i was younger, and the droids in star wars being absolutely adorable. it didn't take long for the concept of robots to fascinate me. this, of course, only became more prevalent over the years. i still liked star wars, and fallout 4 gave me a new robot to be obsessed with. there's one thing- we weren't hasbro kids, growing up. we were nickelodeon and cartoon network kids. the concept of transformers was interesting, but i was never exposed to it.

let's skip ahead several- and i mean several- years. like, from age seven to age seventeen. me and my (now) ex had met someone who was really into transformers, and so we started to get into it together. of course, it wasn't hard for me and my absolute obsession with robots. i'd started with transformers prime, as it was the only one available on netflix- i only watched the first few episodes before switching over to G1 on youtube. needless to say, i was easily hooked.

i did eventually and watch the rest of tfp (only season one, screw netflix) and managed to find a way to watch tfa, which i haven't yet finished. i found the mtmte comics online, and am still steadily making my way through those. transformers hasn't been with me for very long, admittedly, but i still absolutely love them. they scratch my brain. big robots with interesting personalities, really cool abilities, and a good show? it's pretty easy to see why i was so invested. transformers is also the only show i've ever genuinely loved enough to make my own ocs for it.

i just really like the funky car robots, i guess is what i'm trying to say. they even managed to stay with me post-breaking-up with the people who introduced them to me, and they remain a very special source of joy in my life. i love these guys.