shockwave is undoubtedly my favourite transformer. i love him no matter what universe it is, but my personal favourite design is transformers animated. i really love his voice in g1 and animted both- he's voiced by corey burton in both, and his voice is really nice to listen to. very calming! i also like that he's a scientist. i've never really liked scientist characters before, but for some reason shockwave being a scientist is just so cool to me.


this guy is a VERY close second for my favourite. i just have a bad habit of really liking the underrated guys, i guess. poor blurr. animated blurr is undoubtedly my favourite, but i do have a soft spot for him in g1. he just has such a funky premise, and he's so... quirky, for lack of a better word. very funky little dude, i've always loved speed-demon characters. and he's really smart, too, so it's really hard to not like him. (screw him in rescue bots, though. they ruined my boy.)


i'm slowly realizing that all my favourite characters are from tfa, LOL. i really like blitzwing though, specifically from tfa, if only because i don't know much about him in g1. i'm a big fan of german characters also, partially because i'm german. it's always fun to see how they're portrayed, to me. i also personally see blitzwing as a representation of osdd-1a, as the way his "glitch" works seems really similar to it. he's very funky and fun to write!


finally, someone not from tfa! i really love knockout. i don't even have much to say about him, he's just so cool. he's flamboyant, he's sick as hell and brutal, and he's one of the more comedic characters. he's just very likeable! i also really like that he's a medic, it's a nice touch that i don't think most people would expect from his character. he's just really fun and easily the highlight of tfp, for me.