kasane teto!

teto is easily my favourite utauloid, and really even though she isn't an official vocaloid, i like her more than a lot of the official ones. utaloids in general are always really cool, to me- most of them, anyway. i love defoko, i love tei, i love ruko, but most of all i love teto. teto was originally created as a prank (that's why her birthday is april 1st!) in attempt to trick people into thinking she was a new vocaloid. turns out, people loved her even if she wasn't official!

to this day, teto is the only loid of any sort to have twindrills. i think after she got really popular, and after crypton started paying attention to her, they just decided she could keep them. it's such a cute hairstyle. while the rest of her design is a bit typical, made to reflect miku's, the twin drills really make her stand out. her voice is definitely robotic- all utauloids sort of are- but that doesn't mean she can't be used well. i'm a big fan of the more robotic voices, honestly. of course i want them to be tuned well and all, but i don't mind if they sound a bit choppy. teto also always has this very pleasing growl under everything she says, which is really nice to listen to. it scratches my brain, even.

teto is generally depicted as exciteable and friendly. she's sort of a little gremlin with a good heart, y'know? i think the most characterization we really get for her comes from teto territory, which makes her seem very upbeat and lively. (also, a bit grumpy when you ask about her drills.) that's not to say she isn't level-headed- nowadays, she's depicted as honest, humble, and a bit dorky. back in the day though, all she wanted to do was be on stage with the big vocaloids.

this is- to my knowledge- the first instance of kasane teto performing live. it's from the niconico cho party in 2012, which is the earliest niconico party there was. the model is very, very glitchy, but that's almost to be expected, given that it was so early on in the life of MMD and vocaloid in general, and it was completely unofficial. still though, that doesn't discount that it's extremely special- especially for teto. look at her little jump at the end! that's so cute! teto did end up having her own concert (tetofes 2018), though i was unable to find any actual videos from the event.

i feel like part of the reason i love teto so much is because she's sort of... relatable, for a vocal synth. when you look at her character in teto territory (which carried over into a lot of her characterization ever since,) she has a dream, and she's working so hard to realize it. she's not huge like miku and she isn't even official, but she represents something beautiful- the fans. the fans who have so much love in their hearts for vocaloids that they want to be like them. the fans who realize their dreams through vocaloid. it's really, really beautiful.

teto has always been my favourite utauloid. when i was younger, i even downloaded the utau program to try and make songs with her. (it didn't work out. utau is so user-hostile, i swear.) her chracter is amazing, and she's asbolutely adorable. it's really hard to be sad when you're listening to her sing! and even aside from that, the love that she represents is something that should be treasured forever.

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