welcome to the darker little section of my website! this won't get too dark, don't worry. i've always loved horror movies though, and when i learned about web shrines, i couldn't help but make one. i've been into slasher movies since 2019. my fascination really started by me asking my brother "how do people find freddy krueger scary?" to which he responded "you've clearly never seen nightmare on elm street." and he was right! that was when my fascination really started.

the first slasher movie i ever saw was the 2007 halloween remake, directed by rob zombie. that was a pretty intense movie to watch at age 13, and especially to introduce me to what is generally a campy and cheesy genre. not to say i don't like it- it's not one of my favourites, but it definitely has it's charms. the same cannot be said for the 2006 texas chainsaw massacre remake, which was the one i watched immediately after that. i hate that movie. so much. you're probably asking yourself, "langley, why the hell did you start off with remakes? that's like, a cardinal sin in movie watching." and, like, yeah, true. but these were the only ones i had readily available. later on, i managed to find nightmare on elm street on youtube, cut up into 3-minute-intervals, as to not get taken down. i also found black christmas, also uploaded for free.

time passed, and as it did, i managed to collect some actual movies on dvd for myself. you can check out my current collection here. all of my horror movies escept for halloween 1978, carrie and the noes collection are second hand, but in wonderful condition. these movies are a huge part of my life. i don't think i could date someone who wasn't willing to watch them with me. they're really, really important to me. i've insisted on watching them with pretty much everyone i know.

a lot of the reason i like them over other horror movies- namely over goreporn and psychological horror, like the SAW movies or fight club- is because they're so cheesy. it's always practically a comedy. every character is an idiot, and you get to watch them get killed by a guy wearing something utterly ridiculous (or, at the very least, not something scary.) i've laughed more watching halloween 2 than i did watching any actual comedy movie. maybe that says something about me, but i really think it's just because they're so cheesy.

so that's the story of how i got into slashers, and a bit on why i like them! please feel free to look around the rest of this little shrine, and remember that if you don't recognize the phone number, you really shouldn't be picking up!