CONTENT WARNINGS: sexual content referenced throughout, extreme grotesque & sexual profanity, violence, blood, alcohol & drugs, frightening & intense scenes, harassment

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omg it's my favourite slasher movie, black christmas from 1974!!! black christmas is, in my mind, one of the earliest examples of a slasher movie. it was released the same year as texas chainsaw massacre, and while it isn't as hardcore even a little, it's still wonderful. it's also a canadian movie, and you can find the whole thing on youtube for free by clicking this little blinkie;

i really really like the killer in this movie. he's easily my favourite of the slashers, despite being the least like the rest of them. he's not some supernatural entity, he's not big or burly or strong, he's just a stalker. and like, he's clearluy unhinged. throughout the whole movie he spends most of his time verbally harassing the main characters and roleplaying his trauma. like he is so unhinged. i love him. christmas, funnily enough, has very little to do with the plot.

a fun fact (that i'm like, 99% sure about) is that he's only really visible in one scene and no one knows who the hell played him. since he's mostly calling the house, he's just a voice, but in hte one scene that you see him, he's completely covered in shadows. there's a fan theory that peter (the main character's boyfriend) and billy lenz are the same person, but peter's actor went on record saying he didn't remember filming that scene, and the physical actor isn't cited in the credits. total mystery.

this movie has seen me through some rought times. i was actually turned off of it for a bit because of some ex-related-issues, but i've come back around to it lately and it really is one of my favourite movies ever, much less my favourite slasher movie. realistically, i don't even know why i love it so much. i just really do. and i guess that's what matters most? not really why you love something, just that you love it.

official rating:

acting: 6.5/10
filming: 8/10
rewatchability: 9/10
scariness: 4/10
funniness: 4/10
overall: 7/10