what's this...?

congratulations~! you found my ultra-megs-supes-totes secret rui shrine! (it's not actually that secret, lol.) this is just one page, but i've come to realize that rui is one of my favourite characters in project sekai. i just really wanted to talk about him.

rui isn't actually my favourite favourite chracter- luka is my favourite vocaloid, and kanade is my favourite chracter in general. rui, though, has my favourite voice. i find his voice really really calming, much more calming than pretty much any other character's voice in the game, even kanade's. whenever i'm dissociating or feeling really, really down, listening to rui helps keep me grounded, as silly as it may sound. i'm not sure why his specifically helps, but it does.

wXs was actually one of my least favourite groups, when i started playing. i was fine with rui and nene, but emu and tsukasa bothered me a lot, for some reason. looking back, i wish they chose them, as they and 25ji are my favourites now. (in the beginning, i chose L/n.) they grew on me like a wildfire, and rui particularly grew to interest me, especially once i learned that his voice helped keep me grounded. i started doing more research into him as a character and looking at fan content of him online, and it turns out i really love him. his personality is so fun, and while i didn't care for his design originally, that's grown on me as well.

i don't really have tons to say about rui, i suppose. he's really funky, and he has a really great voice, design and personality. i think above all else i'm thankful to him. if i didn't have the ability to listen to him i'd genuinely be in a worse state, and maybe that's a bit pathetic, but i'm just thankful it hasn't gotten that far thanks to him.

click the rui below to see my playlist for him! :D