some of my earliest memories as a kid are those of a shoebox filled with pokemon cards. the tiny stones one would use to mark damage, a palkia coin, and a dialga deck case. i remember getting eevee and leafeon cards from a burger king before i really even understood what they were- i just knew that whatever they were, i loved them.

of course, these were pokemon. i knew that much. shortly after my fascination began, my brother taught me how to properly play the card game, and he would let me watch him play crystal. to this day, crystal is his favourite pokemon game. i was instantly obsessed. he let me play on his file of pokemon colosseum, and i would watch the show whenever i caught it on tv. when i was nine, i got a blue/black 2ds, and my brother got a red/black one. essentially the same system, though there was one major difference- my 2ds came with pokemon Y pre-installed on it. my first pokemon game, and above that, the first game i ever had that was really mine and not my brothers. i was hooked within the first minute.

my first starter ever was chespin. admittedly, it was pretty rough working with him- i wasn't a smart kid, and i absolutely didn't understand type matchups at the time. that being said, i made it work, and pokemon Y became not only my favourite pokemon game, but my favourite game ever, and it has held that spot ever since. pokemon as a series has been with me as long as i can remember, and i don't plan to part with it anytime soon. pokemon was not only a gateway, but a getaway for me. it helped me meet new people who would become my greatest friends, and while i might've been the weird bullied kid in real life, iwas so much more than that in the pokemon world. in pokemon, you're a hero, and when i was a kid, i wanted nothing more than that.

if i didn't make it overly obvious, i still love pokemon. i own at least one game for every generation, and just recently i started doing nuzlockes- i even beat a Y nuzlocke, which i never thought i'd be able to do, when i was younger. i still watch episodes from indigo league every now and then, and i collect plushies like i'll die without them. (i will!) i once saw a comic which really summarized how i felt about pokemon, and while i unfortunately can't find it on tumblr, it basically goes along like this; someone asked the artist what they were going to do with all their pokemon cards and plushies and games after they got out of pokemon, and the artist said "i don't know, because i'll never stop loving pokemon." i first saw it right before the release of sun and moon, and it's always resonated with me. the first time i saw it i started crying. seriously.

pokemon is special to me. it always has been, and it always will be.