akita neru!

neru as a character is really interesting as me. honestly, i find her character much more interesting than her voice. she was created on messageboards in 2007 out of a literal mistake- people thought there was a "miku silencing" campaign by the japanese government, so they created a fake miku to get around it. turns out, it was just a glitch in search engines.

she's known as a miku derivative, or if you're old-fashioned, a pitchloid. the pitch she takes on generally depends on who's tuning her though. some people make her high-pitched miku, some people make her low-pitched miku, some people make her high-pitched rin, there's a big variety. an interesting trend i've noticed is that older songs will have her be a higher-pitched miku, and newer songs or covers will have her be a lower pitched miku. it's not totally consistent, but it's a bit interesting, still! her design is a bit basic, but i'd argue that's actually better here, given her origin as a literal decoy miku.

neru is generally depicted as a tsundere-type, and some people liked to say she had a crush on len, though i was never a huge fan of that. i'm a much bigger fan of the idea that she's friends with teto and miku, and she has a crush on haku. the idea is just so cute to me, and i really like haku and neru together. what if we were both internet-borne miku derivatives... and we kissed... and we were both girls??

neru is just so... internet. i really really love that. she's so heavily associated with the early vocaloid fandom, and because of that, everything having to do with her has this air of early-internet to it. i don't know if you could tell by the fact this is a neocity, but i really love that. watching videos and listening to songs with neru always reminds me of when i was younger, and it makes me nostalgic for that early fandom. it's honestly a little funny that she makes me feel nostalgic for that time, given that i entered the fandom around 2014, which is a bit late for most of the earlier content. around 2014 was actually when the fandom began to dwindle a bit before it's resurgence in 2017/2018, thanks to miku's tenth anniversary.

neru is a relic of the earliest days of vocaloid, and she's really, really cool. i love her so much, i've actually started styling my hair after her (LOL.) normally, miku derivatives don't excite me much (zatsune, hagane, mikuo, etc.) don't excite me or hold my attention much, but i've always loved neru and haku. they're so cool and nostalgic to me, i just can't help but love them.

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