megurine luka!

look, listen here, alright? this is my WIFE. luka is my absolute favourite of the cryptonloids, and she's tied with gakupo for my favourite vocaloid in general. she was actually one of the last main ones i learned about, i even learned about meiko before her, but that didn't change that- ever since i was first in the fandom- i was absolutely smitten with her. still waiting for the day i get a 4 star luka in prosekai, but it'll happen one day, and i'll cry real tears of joy.

luka's design is so, so creative, if you ask me. she's absolutely beautiful. i feel like sometimes in anime, the "pink character" will be so pink it's overpowering, but luka has a really nice mix of black, gold and pink, and all the specific shades of which work really well together for her design. she doesn't have nearly as many popular songs as the other cryptonloids, but all the ones i've heard from her, i absolutely love. she's even great when she's just doing backing vocals, and she makes a wonderful pair pretty muhc no matter who you put her with. her voice is, honestly, much easier to listen to than a lot of other vocaloids, since her voice is a lot softer and more graceful. double lariat is one of my favourite vocaloid songs ever, it's such an earworm. she has a few chapters in the mikumix manga dedicated to her, and if she had a manga to herself, let it be known i would buy every single volume day one.

luka is often chracterized as a mature older-sister type, no matter who is writing her. it's very, very consistent, which i can appreciate. the flavour of mature sorta changes, though. sometimes she's depicted as cold, and somewhat unemotive, while other times she's just shy. with the release of project sekai, it was pretty much canonized that she was the older-sister type, though prosekai does get rid of a lot of personality for the virtual singers in general, reducing them to sort of just... one trait. miku and kaito are really the only ones who's personalities change depending on their sekai, at least in the english version. it's a bit disappointing, because i would love to see them explore luka a bit more. at least we know she has soft cheeks, i suppose?

this is a little talkloid made waaay back in the day, shortly after luka had been first released. she sings a cute song during the credits, and it's the earliest instance i can think of of her being depicted as the "colder and mature" type. it's super super adorable and a total blast from the past!!

i love luka so much. when i first got project mirai DX, she was the first character who i unlocked the pajama model for. i gave her the penthouse as often as i could. (unfortunately the resort was a bit too expensive for my average budget in that game, LOL.) i really wish more people used her nowadays, because her v4 voicebank is seriosuly so beautiful, but it feels like most people only use it for covers. luka deserves some new original songs, dreamin chuchu came out in 2014, we can't keep piggybacking on it!

also, maybe a bit weird? i really love tako luka. that little octopus is so freakin' cute. i have a super soft spot for octopi and squids, and tako luka is absolutely not an exception. adorable.

tldr; luka is so so so amazing, and i wish she was used for more than covers. she has such a gentle, graceful voice, and she has a lot of potential to be used for different kinds of songs. her v2 design is super unique and stark, and her v4 design is absolutely beautiful. she seriously deserves the world. i want to take her to a very nice dinner, at the very least, but unfortunately i can't, as she isn't real. i wish, though. i'm getting off track, though;;; i just really love luka!

click on the plushie below to see my personal playlist of songs and covers for her!