my awful opinions!

i don't tihnk it comes as a surprise to anyone that i have awful opinions i love being loud about. hetalia is probably the only fandom that is already so bad, i don't feel bad about adding my terrible awful horrible opinions into the mix. this is a list of them. LOL.

sufin isn't cute until beautiful world. sufin is an adorable ship after that and i really like that the nordics were given a more familial structure, but before then- really, before sealand was added as finland and sweden's son- it was kind of weird. finland seemed to genuinely be scared of sweden and not like him much, but in beautiful world, they seem to actually really like each other. it's very cute from that point onwards.

hetaoni isn't a very scary game. when playing it there were a few moments that caught me off gaurd, but i feel like the hype surrounding it as a horror game is completely unjustified. there were a lot of really heartwarming moments, and i do appreciate those, but even the parts that were really built up by the fandom- italy having gone through multiple time loops, england going blind- they weren't very scary. hetalia is just inherently silly, i think.

france's character songs suck. the only one i like is Paris is Indeed Splendid. overall i just can't find myself enjoying his songs, and they can also be really uncomfortable to listen to, honestly. if you're wondering who has the best character songs, i think russia does, obviously. were you expecting anything different?

russia should not be That Chill with belarus. in the first few seasons, he's shown as being actually kind of scared of her, and it's clear that he loves her but she's still deranged which freaks him out. i feel like in more recent seasons they've really cooled down on him being scared of her, while not cooling down on the "marry me big brother!" thing. i feel like he should be scared of her still, because she's still!! extremely deranged and creepy!!