my favourite character!

is it weird to have a favourite character when the show is about humanized countries? yes, possibly. that being said, i want you to look at him.

look at him. look at my baby boy. this is russia, or ivan braginsky. this dude has been my favourite hetalia character since i first got into it, i've literally always loved him. he was one of my first anime crushes, right up there with gakupo kamui and the undertaker from black butler. it's a curse, seriously. he haunts me. i love him though.

in the show, russia is always portrayed as a sweet guy who just wants to be friends with everyone. he is also, however, extremely threatening, and scares the hell out of everyone. there are instances all throughout the show where his sweet behaviour is juxtaposed to what he's doing or what's happening to him. in season five (beautiful world), there's an entire scene where he chokes the shit out of prussia and then immediately goes to write about how he's happy he and prussia got a little closer, and he thinks they might be friends now. his heart falls out sometimes, he beats people with faucets, and he can stop a tank with his bare hands.

and oh my god, i love him.

he was sort of this perfect character for me when i was younger. i got bullied in school relentlessly, and not only did i resonate with russia's past of being bullied, i thought he could protect me better than anyone else. it definitely helped that i thought (and still think) that he's pretty and his character songs are catchy. i never cared about flowers when i was young, but if you asked, i would have told you my favourite flowers are sunflowers. seriously, i liked him that much. nowadays part of my love for him is definitely twinged with nostalgia- don't get me wrong, i love him just as much as i used to for all the same reasons, the nostalgia only adds to it.

while i'm here, can we talk about how cute russia's seiyuu is? takato yasuhiro seems like an incredibly sweet man. in the seiyuu events he gets so embarrassed when people cheer for him, and he seems to really enjoy voicing russia and singing his songs. it's nice to see a voice actor not dread being a character, considering that in america, it seems like most voice actors wish they could be doing anything else.

you can click on the screenshot below to get to my playlist of the seiyuu events.

i really love russia. he is and always will be my favourite hetalia character, because of his portrayal in the show/comics, and because of what he means to me. when things got tough for me when i was younger, i would go on youtube and listen to his character songs, or drama cd skits with him, and it would help. i would look at art of him online for hours- he was one of the first wallpapers i ever had on my first smartphone. hell, he's the wallpaper on my phone now. damn my hyperfixations.

of course, he's not the only character i love- click on these guys down here to get to why i like them so much!