gyaru subgenres!

gyaru fashion is megs-expansive, and has a wealth of different subgenres. each type is characterized by it's own clothing and make-up styles, but they also all have some things in common; big hair, big make-up, bright clothes and chunky shoes. tanning is also standard, though not everyone does it, and not every style works well with it. here are some of the more popular substyles!


this is one of, if not, the most popular gyaru subcultures. kogyaru are known for wearing their school uniforms completely wrong. japanese school uniforms are relatively strict, with things being tucked in and buttoned a certain way, your hair needs to be a certain length and color, etc. kogal challenges that, letting the gal be a lot more creative. it's often chracterized by unbuttoned uniforms, loose ties, leg warmers/loose socks, decorated bags, and of course, big dyed hair. it isn't unheard of for kogyaru to have the typical gyaru tan, but it's much less common.


ganguro gals are another very well-known gyaru subculture, known for crazy bleached hair with tons of color, animal or hawaiian print clothing, a shit ton of accessories, and the iconic dark tan that gyaru gals are known for. it's a total rejection of societies norms.

there is a very important rule about tanning, which i feel the need to point out- never ever ever tan any darker than you naturally would. if you don't naturally tan (i burn >:[ ) then don't do more than three shades darker of your own skin tone. there have been concerns raised in the past about gyaru being blackface, and this rule was put into place to prevent any misconceptions.


this style is sort of like the extreme version of ganguro. even crazier hair, brighter clothes, a lot more makeup and a lot more... everything! it's honestly a bit hard to explain, cause it is a lot like ganguro, just more... more!


agejo gals are a very different type of gyaru- that is to say, they fall under the "sexy" catergory. there are a few different sexy subgenres, though agejo is undoubtedly the most well-known one. agejo gyaru will wear a lot of animal print, and they generally wear very short or skimpy dresses, with a lot of neutral colors or hot pinks. it's a way of embracing their own sexuality, rather than covering it up. if you ask me, it almost looks like sexy pajamas, LOL.


gals like this are obsessed with bringing out their inner princess, every day. they typically do lighter make-up, and their dresses are much more frilly and puffy. bleached hair in twintails is muhc more common, as well as crowns and bows! the dresses themselves are much more commonly in light colors, like pastel pinks and pleasant whites. it's all about looking dainty, but still bold.


this is one of my favourites! rokku gyaru are a hyper-feminine and ultra-bold version of punk styles. they use much darker colors than other gyaru, and while they still have the wild make-up and hair, it's a lot less extreme than other styles. there isn't much to say about this one, it really is just rock-focused gyaru. i love it.


similar to rokku gyaru, goshikku gyaru are the goth girls of the gyaru world! they focus more on creepy-cute styles, with darker colors and monster-esque accessories. this isn't nearly as big as some of the other substyles, but i personally like it a lot.


this style is literally short for "amerikajin," which means "american." it's supposed to be influenced by stereotypical western styles. it's much more colorful, and much baggier clothing than is typical of gyaru styles. it's also one of the less skimpy ones, honestly. there's backwards caps, sweatshirts, still huge hair, good stuff all around.