gyaru gals rule the world!

gyaru fashion is a type of j-fashion that thrived primarily during the 90s and 2000s, with it's name coming from the transliteration of the word "gal." it's defined by big hair, obnoxiously bright clothing, and tanned skin. the wildness of gyaru ranges heavily depending on who's dressing up, and what subgenre they prefer. the gyaru lifestyle has a big focus on materialism, but also on being powerful and embracing yourself.

i don't have a very personal story for my love of gyaru- i just think it looks super cute. i've always admired it, and if i could, i would absolutely wear the style everywhere i go. there's a lot of resources out there for learning about the different types of gals and the different rules of the style, and it's even inclusive of guys, who are referred to as "gyaruo." most gals also seem like very cool, fun-loving, outgoing people, willing to share their tastes and fashion with everyone. it's all around a very good energy. (it's also not nearly as expensive to get into gal as things like lolita or decora, LOL.)