kamui gakupo!

gakupo was the first vocaloid i'd ever actually heard. i know, weird, right? ever since then i have absolutely loved loved loved him. he's absolutely tied with luka for my favourite vocaloid. his voice is so nice and pretty, and it's actually quite distinct, if you ask me. all vocaloids are distinct, of course, but gakupo's voice stands out in a crowd, if you ask me. maybe it's my bias, LOL.

he's made by internet co., so unfortunately, he hasn't gotten much time in the spotlight. his only ever liveshows have been the fan-made niconico parties, which are cool, but not really the same as miku expo or something. he's made appearences in some vocaloid manga- namely the bad end night manga series- and fans wasted no time importing his model into the old project diva games, but he's never really had any for himself. even gumi had her own game, at a point. (look up megpoid music, for the psp!) it's really a shame, because his voice is so so wonderful, and his design is really creative. miku and the others have somewhat typical idolish designs (albeit with an electric twist,) while gakupo is a freaking technilogical samurai. you can't pretend that isn't cool.

since he's hardly had any time to shine, there's also no real characterization to draw from for him. most people think he's just a perverted samurai who loves dancing, which is pretty fair, given his most popular songs. some people depict him as cold and calloused, sometimes he's a sweet older-brother type, there's hundreds of different interpretations for him. personally, i really like the personality he was given in the vocaloid petit theaters, made by owata-p. (owata-p does/did a wonderful job with gakupo in general, honestly. shout out to that guy.)

this is a talkloid from a very long time ago! it's about poor gakupo and how the cryptonloids forgot about him on his birthday. at one point, luka goes into real despair over how cool he is. it's super adorable and cute and i've always loved skits like this, where all the vocaloids interact. it also has a song at the end, which gakupo sings! he also stars as mario in the go go mario skit, which i've linked here!

gakupo, as a character and as a vocaloid, is really important to me. he's been with me, like, since i was an actual child, and listening to songs with him always cheers me up. i really wish there were more- sadly, nowadays, people are pretty hesitant to use him. his most recent voicebank is v4, which isn't bad at all, but he's sorta been left in the dust, simply because he isn't a cryptonloid and he's nowhere near as important to internet co. as gumi is. it's really, really sad. (we haven't even got an english voicebank for him, which extra sucks, because i garauntee western fans would've eaten it up. gackt [his voice provider] is practically fluent in english! gakupo kamui english VB when!)

the point is that i really, really love gakupo. he's mega important to me and one day i am GOING to own his nendoroid. (that's a promise!) i sincerely hope that he gets more attention from internet co. and fans in the future, because he really, really deserves it.

click on the nendoroid below to see my personal playlist of songs and covers for him!