my favourite songs!

these songs are my personal favourites! some are newer, some are older, but i love all of them. they all make me super happy, like that feeling where you know something is just right, as silly as it may sound. they all resonate with me on some level, and (again, as silly as it is) i feel like i was supposed to hear them. i'll include a little description about what i like best from each of them as i go, so please enjoy reading and listening to the songs!

ghosts play to the audience
pinocchio-p ft. hatsune miku

"everyday, in and out, in this postmortem-
i'll keep playing to the audience i like!"

pinocchio-p is probably one of my favourite producers. i love so many songs from this guy. my best friend introduced me to this song a few years ago, and i'm really glad she did, because i'm totally in love with it. ghost miku is super adorable and i love how she almost sounds a bit whispery, like she's really a ghost. i also love love love the lyrics- they sorta resonate with me and my struggles as a writer/journalist, weirdly enough? you wouldn't think it! point is i absolutely love this song.

kira ft. hatsune miku

"i'm a threat and a half, baby;
you don't even know me at all."

this song is actually pretty personal for me! i mean, first and foremost it's just an amazing song, but it also came out at a time where i was getting over a very toxic relationship. when i first heard it, it felt like my eyes were sort of opened. like, "hell yeah, girlboss, i can get through this." i also absolutely love the visuals in the video! miku looks so so SO cute in her little vampire outfit, and the 2000s-era scene-emo aesthetic is my favourite thing EVER. i love it so so much. this song is really really special to me and if i could i would thank kira for writing it, LOL.

kairiki bear ft. vflower

"flirtiness, loneliness, posion flowing
contiuously; love me, make the pain go away!"

venom was a song that i heard for the first time very recently, and it grew on me like a weed. i already know all of jubyphonic's lyrics, LOL. i love how flower sounds in this, their voice matches the instrumentals perfectly, and the music itself is wonderful. i absolutely love the long instrumental break between the second and third chorus. i can't wait for this to get added to prosekai/colorful stage, as it hasn't been at the time of writing this. i'm gonna play it nonstop, i love it so so much.

update, as of 10/7/2022 it has been added to the english version!! :D

madness of duke venomania
mothy/akuno-p ft. kamui gakupo

"illusions, the understanding of everything
i am no longer a person."

!!! WARNING !!! this song contains strong sexual + SA themes and imagery! view with caution!

one of the first vocaloid songs i ever heard, and the spawn of my love for gakupo. this was the first time i'd ever heard him and i, to this day, absolutely love his voice. as gross as the themes of this song are, and as much as i hate sateriasis venomania as a character, this song is just... amazing. the instruments sound so good to me, and i love how the chorus sounds so so much. also, having some of the girls talk about their side of the story right before the chorus is a really good touch! unfortunately this video in particular is a reupload, mothy deleted the original upload from his channel :( i could go on for HOURS about how he butchered the remaster, if you let me. ugh.

triple baka
lamaze-p ft. hatsune miku, kasane teto

"i take off into a world unknown,
giving ride to hopes."

honestly, this song is just cute. it's so cute it makes me cry. it was published in 2008, and miku sounds really, really good for it being made so early on in her life. it also has teto and neru, my two favourite fanloids! it's such an adorable song, and it sort of has a deep message, which you wouldn't expect. it's about being seen as "stupid" for being expressive and creative, and it's about embracing those things, because they don't make you stupid. chances are you're way, way cooler than you think, no matter how you express yourself. it's so sweet and nice!

sayonara tender
koyori-p ft. hatsune miku

"you surely wrecked everything,
you surely did, dear me."

this song is extremely special to me. it's about loving someone who doesn't love you back, and the strange feelings that come with being in a failing relationship. it describes how i felt in some of my relationships perfectly, that want for love and to cling to things that simply aren't working out, and blaming yourself for how it ended up. even putting that aside, it's just a beautiful song. koyori always tunes miku beautifully, and she sounds so softly heartbroken here. it's wonderful.

it was really, REALLY hard to pick just a few songs that i really like, but honestly, we would be here for days if i tried to list all of them. these are just some that i really love!

i think, no matter what songs you really like (or really don't like) there's still something special about all of us liking vocaloid together. especially for those of us who were into it way back in the day- it almost feels like a special club! listening to older songs, i feel like i'm a kid again, watching the pretty videos on the family computer. it's that kind of feeling- that childish joy, that happiness- that's something i wish everyone could experience, in some way. it's really like nothing else.