someday i will be...

...a true samurai!

a fanlisting dedicated to the vocaloid
Gakupo Kamui, made by Internet Co., Ltd.

what is a fanlisting?

a fanlisting is defined by as
"a web clique that lists fans of a particular subject." it's a
really easy way to show your love for a character, show,
etc, so i decided to make a fanlisting for my
favourite vocaloid- Gakupo Kamui.

what are the rules?

  • you must be a fan of Gakupo Kamui!
  • you don't need a webpage to join, just a valid email address.
  • anyone can join the fanlisting!
  • please don't direct link, if using a code!
    please instead upload to a website like imgur or
    imageshack and link from there :)

if you would like to join, feel free to shoot me an
email at
with the following information;

  • your name!
  • whether you would like your email displayed or not
  • your website, if you have one/would like to link it!

our current members!


if you're using a code on your website, please have it
displayed on your website before sending me an email.
if it's not in an obvious spot, please let me know
where it's located in the email!




currently no affiliates, but if you would like to become an affiliate,
feel free to email me at!