to put it simply, this page is where i'll- every now and then- update on my life. i'm not gonna archive the old ones frankly because i don't know how, but i'll change them out whenever i feel.


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hello everyone! long time no update! it's been a while since i've had the energy to work on this website again, but now that i'm doing it, i realize i've kinda missed it. coding is fun, and a good way to spend time. but! i'm sure you're all wondering what i've been doing in this time! the asnwer is not much. i was homura for halloween, and i actually did go trick or treating. i was very anxious doing so, now that i'm an adult, but a lot of people said i looked very nice and my mom was happy i got to go, so it worked out. i wouldn't have gone, but my plans were cancelled last minute, and who wants to spend halloween doing nothing?

in-between my last update and now, my new classes started. i'm taking writing and research and sociology. sociology is fun, and i like the teacher, but writing and research is a drag. my college had a small fall festival, and i sort of... accidentally got an anti-abortion guy kicked out? he wasn't supposed to be there (which i didn't know,) so when i brought it to our club's advisor's attention, she found someone from the student government, and they had him leave. i rolled down a hill that day for the first time in forever. small delights.

also between the last update and now, i've gotten, uh. back into hetalia. i was into it throughout most of middle school, and somehow, it's clawed it's way back into my life. i started joking about it one day, and then i saw the movie on sale for three bucks, i bought the movie thinking "this'll make the gang laugh," the gang revealed half of them had never seen hetalia, we watched hetalia, and... here we are. i am officially thinking about it all the time, just like i was in middle school. i really didn't mean to get back into it, but my friends actually seem to like it, so i guess it's kind of a good thing.

i've gotten into burning cds, and so naturally i burned all the hetalia music i could find. i don't know if anyone remembers this, but there was a channel way back in the day who had every hatafutte parade, every marukaite chikyuu, every character song and every counting sheep audio all subbed in english. then, a few years back, it was deleted, taking all those videos with it. since then, it's been tough to find some of the songs, and especially the counting sheep audios. burning cds is a good way to ensure i'll always have them. the only one i couldn't find of the counting sheep audios is sealand's, so if anyone knows how i can find that or where it might be, please send it to me. i'm going to work on downloading prussia's blog drama cd next, probably, cause while i won't know what's going on (i don't speak japanese,) i'll have it in case someone comes along to translate it for me.

i also got a job, which is taking up a lot of my time. i really hoped this day would never come, but now i have money to spend on anime figures, i suppose? i used my first paycheck to pay for my homura costume. hooray, i suppose.

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