to put it simply, this page is where i'll- every now and then- update on my life. i'm not gonna archive the old ones frankly because i don't know how, but i'll change them out whenever i feel.


nyeh, what's going on this week. well, i'm sort of mostly done with school! yesterday was my last "instructional" day, and the rest are all exam days, which... i'm exempt from. LOL. so i just need to go to graduation practice and then graduation next week and i am DONE. it's very exciting, but also sorta weird to think about? i never really thought i would get this far.

aside from that, i've... mostly given up on my nuzlocke, and i still haven't done my pokemon Y speedrun. i'm having trouble figuring out how to record it. instead, i've started replaying (sorta) pokemon black. (i say sorta because i only beat like, the first gym last time. i really didn't get far.) i'm having a lot of fun with it, and i chose snivy as my starter. snivy is OBJECTIVELY one of the best grass types, and easily one of the best starters, no matter what anyone says. do not let people tell you snivy sucks. punch them. they deserve it. (/j. mostly.) with pokemon black also came... total submas brainrot. i really should have expected it, i just love these funky fun train men. if you look at my tumblr, you'll see my #pokemon tag is almost entirely submas. they are simply very enjoyable.

of course, because i am autistic, my brain demanded earlier that i find some way to smash my two hyperfixations (project sekai and pokemon) together. i ended up editting this, and i'm very proud of it. the song is darling dance, by kairiki bear, and i editted it to be emmet instead of miku. submas brainrot very very real. (edit, as of 11:46 at night: i've also added failure girl ingo, same producer :> )

video of the day!