comet chaser (real name; lizzy moore) is a magical girl. one very magical day she found some poor robot guy from space (knock out) who had some extremely epic robot technology. she touched it (which she probably should not have done, it's like, weird alien technology that probably has weird alien germs,) which made her a magical girl. i will not explain how this worked any further because i do not know.

this poor robot guy from space (knock out) turns out to be able to turn into a car and shit, but like, the thing that makes him do that is broken. so she goes on some indeterminate trading sidequest to get him a new one, which is really hard, and it doesn't even make him a car it makes him a motorcycle, but like whatever she's like "i helped you so now you'll help me" and he's like "please i just wanna see my husband aga-"

the whole thing with her and Being A Magical Girl is that like. she never had anything bad happen to her really, she just understands that bad things are happening and she wants to help people. like realistically most teenagers in america would do things to help if they could, and she has crazy alien magical girl powers now, so she might as well

the whole civil war thing is... sort of on pause for the time being, but like, only for them. lizzy knows that knock out has responsibilities and things he really should be doing but he has no way at the moment of getting back to the nemesis so they're sort of stuck with each other. and eventually as time goes on more mechs start coming to earth to hunt down knock out (either killing him or taking him back to the nemesis) but i think over time he would grow to learn there's more than winning and losing and his abilities would be better suited for helping instead of hurting and he has this whole character arc and yadda yadda yadda. basically he becomes a neutral

i'm still figuring out what to do about the whole breakdown situation, hold yer horses

now lets talk about the fight scenes, the things that i have no idea how to write

i've never seen jojo's bizarre adventure but i imagine knock out would be like lizzy's stand? like she isn't completely incapable of fighting if she needs to but if it's a bigger/badder enemy (like another mech) then knock out steps in. she has a sword (she does not know how to use it and neither do i) but generally speaking knock out doesn't really need to do any fighting, he mostly acts as a method of transportation and A Buddy

that's sort of all i have so far but thank you for reading this brick of lore for my transformers magical girl oc