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Level: Purple
Join Date: 11/6/2022
Card Count: 537

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Activity Log

December 1, 2022
Recieved schoollife11, schoollife15, prussia14 as gifts from byakkun.
Went to the art shop and recieved southitaly01, southitaly02, japan13.
Traded with misheard and exchanged brightbard20, eyespy08, nabata03, rope12 for k12, k15, gangleader20, airhead06.

November 30, 2022
turned in a bunch of freaking crayons to the art shop and got a bunch of freaking guys (too lazy to type it out rn + transaction isnt totally complete but i'll type it out fully later)
Took objectively04 from release 151 and exchanged it ot moes for netherlands20.

November 29, 2022
Went to the Recycled Art Shop and traded filler00 for airhead05, airhead13, airhead14, airhead17, airhead19, amulet09, denmark13, denmark20, england17, grandprix08, normal19, northitaly04, pheasant01, responsible06, responsible13, small01, small04, small05, small09, small15, small18, small20, solocamper05, solocamper20, southitaly05, triplefinish09, americans11, gakuen04, gakuen06, gakuen09, gakuen12, gakuen17, gakuen18, glasses17, kalos01, kalos05, nekotalia06, nekotalia17, ships16, touma08, touma18, ylisse01, ylisse05, ylisse06, ylisse20.
Traded with lotanemesis and exchanged earwig14 for greece19.
Levelled up! Recieved japan20, caps11, loyal16, 1 yellow crayon.
Traded with byakkun and recieved japan12, southitaly15, yuki07, k08, eggplant12, tsundere07 for lyst05, tablesalt13, aureus09, landlord13, shresta05, tribulatio15.
Grabbed tabarzin20 from release 151 and traded it to larecrow for netherlands16.
Grabbed pit09 from release 151 and traded it to hyoga for netherlands12.
Recieved netherlands13 as a gift from koinuko.
Traded with koinuko and exchanged ossan10 for brynhilde20.
Traded with gloomlee and exchanged oldrabbit08, orphan02, napgus05, build02, jellyhorn20, rascal19 for brynhilde12, brynhilde15, chespie10, amia09, girl-lover12, and manakete05.

November 27, 2022
Participated in Seiyuu Guess 575 and recieved delusion09, form01, bananas12, atelier20, orphan02, achoo18, hiroshi18, barusu06, sphinx209, renowned02, gretel14, noblecause19, tribulatio15, beastking13, yoru15, juicebat06, just12, vexed03, extractteam04, landlord13, belltower02, debut03, otters18, minigun06, triangles08, monotonous20, malice14, tragedy01, hydrangeas02, kantoku03, 1 yellow crayon.
Participated in Booster Bundle 167 and recieved loyalty11, restrained15, fastdraw13, tekkadan13, driftveil14, minicon15, greatdemon14, warlord11.
Participated in Reading Between the Lines 318 and recieved stickler11, lightning05, redriot13, spinea18, futureeve02, spacepilot09, yaksha11, chronojet05.
Participated in Directions 157 and recieved call08, scientist11, agogo17, darkking09, cr-s0105, asphalt06, jakob05, expelled19, delphinium06, bakedapples18, complex08, kungfuhead07.
Participated in No Context Theatre 292 and recieved selfdestruct16, aureus09, directorial11, earwig14, cursedspirit18.
Participated in No Context Theatre 291 and recieved oldrabbit08, brightbard10, easylove15, manifest13, clings13.
Levelled up! Recieved russia12, analyst06, malewife04, 1 green crayon.
Participated in Release 151 and recieved foulplay01, netherlands02, namidai15.
Participated in Little Spell Academia 237 and recieved scrunchie01, japan09, iceland06, miku06, cannon03, japan05, japan03, japan02, russia18, tsundere18, japan04.
Mastered Russia and recieved cannon13, regrowth06, dln-00503, 1 green crayon.

November 23, 2022
Participated in Switch It Up 202 and exchanged nice07, tuxedo16 for wealthy02, sensitive09, and got bluesnow05, trashy19, ontan20, jet03, pyrokinesis16 as bonuses.
Participated in Booster Bundle 166 and received landlord17, napgus05, peer07, jellyhorn20, konnakiri07, shresta05, soulspark05, dotdotdot11.

November 22, 2022
Participated in Rolling Down in the UMN 112 and recieved ares20, musicboxes12, speech02, ribbonchan08, sushi06, merciless08, disciplinary10, rabbit10, algorithm17, ingredients16, rascal19, airfriend14, sunfighter11, taranis18, poor07, hebihime10, venus11, accelerator12, captains11, nice07, 1 purple crayon.
Participated in Most Wanted 40 and recieved withdrawn13, barrier08, 198810, points06, accessories13, tablesalt13, fleeting08, innuendos20, species18, accessories01.
Traded with sangonomiyas and exchanged stage08, stammi20, happyda09, vividkiss02 for 1stchild10, gamer05, northitaly12, norway19. Recieved otaku14, skullbrooch08, skullbrooch13, sweden18, nekotalia14, support04, support08, termina03 as gifts!

November 21, 2022
Donated to a deck and recieved superhero08, hinadolls08, tuxedo16, 1 blue crayon. Recieved nohr05 and one brown crayon as a gift.

November 20, 2022
Participated in Lady Luck Slots 079 and recieved sakejug09, demihuman06, rope12, quotations17, lowborn03, discourse01, wallachia07, lively07, noname17, bartender01, cytokine16, foxtail05, 1 brown crayon.
Participated in Seiyuu Guess 574 and recieved privatesign02, restricted04, curry15, legatus13, nightmare12, entermate14, inyellow20, build19, unique03, myu13, unreliable16, morti04, sanctioned08, grandson17, falena17.
Traded in one sketchpad to the art shop and recieved cards08, lorikeet08, 1 orange crayon.
Participated in Scramble! 151 and recieved scalpel05, crest02, hammer02, magnagate15, polarstar13, pinkbow03, aquamirror03, albhed10, samuraifan18, eaglegazer01, 1 green crayon.
Participated in Reading Between the Lines 317 and recieved jokes15, stammi20, confectioner09, uptight08, villain11, mynote04, xyz10, bicker14.
Participated in Puzzle Chains 234 and recieved adopted01, chibipuri02, bigleague02, slyfox01, saijiki19, horrorsp13, kingkazma14, brahmastra06, witchhunter19, cheerful10, dancer17, 2ndlt18, decalogue16, vividkiss02, placetobe18, florist17, uogokoro03, anmc19, heroes18, x1601.
Participated in Little Spell Academy 236 and recieved wealthy01, hallmonitor20, russia07, lithuania20, denmark01, america08, russia11, prussia20.
Levelled up! Recieved russia06, desserts15, kuuderes16, 1 purple crayon.

November 18, 2022
(holy shit okay)
Traded with hyoga and exchanged metals11 for russia13. Recieved japan10, southitaly04, iceland07, iceland16, k10, eggplant19, gangleader09, wealthy13, switzerland02, switzerland19, mmorpg01, cannon01, cannon08, cannon12, cannon20, nekotalia12, nekotalia19 as gifts!
Traded with beezebeora and exchanged identities16, magicfire16 and mother01 for 1stchild01, 1stchild16, america05. Recieved america14, cannon10, iceland14, iceland15, japan19, lie07, lie15, lie16, lie19, lithuania02, russia03, russia13 (again), scrunchie15, southitaly11, gakuen01, gakuen02, gakuen05, gakuen11, gakuen13, gakuen14, nekotalia12 (again), nekotalia13, nekotalia18 as gifts. Traded sigs.
Participated in Colorsseum 54-4 and recieved 2 green 1 orange 3 blue crayons.
Participated in Twenty Questions 030 and recieved lostemotion08, voidred11, danger04.
Levelled up! (edit: forgor to get rewards, got russia02, zwei05, pokken09, 1 gray crayon.)

November 17, 2022
Participated in Host Club Giveaway 225 and recieved famillie14, nekko07, safetyteam14, galaxyidol09, beneath14, mother01, magi20.
Traded with aratakis and exchanged nevarra07 for japan01. Recieved prussia04 as a gift!
Traded with penguinknitter and exchanged earthquake14 for denmark07. Recieved denmark11, tsundere08 and tsundere20 as gifts!

November 16, 2022
Went to the art shop and exchanged one sketchpad for forehead19, economical01, 1 purple crayon.
Traded with 2d and exchanged bowties08 for persecution11. Recieved 1 green crayon as a gift!
Participated in Switch it Up 201 and exchanged totalwood14, curemagical13 and aureus08 for denmark19, airhead01 and activities01.

November 15, 2022
Traded with itsjkstyle and exchanged 14thmoon12, brainwash13 for 1stchild08, gaming17. Recieved iceland02 and iceland17 as gifts!
Participated in Art Lessons 317 and recieved bofu19 and totalwood14.
Participated in Most Wanted 39and recieved virginbride01, soulspark01, osuwari18, aureus08 and birthday12.
Traded with tophatcatsand exchanged sincerity08 for southitaly14.
Traded with kayoriayane and exhcanged assal07, aubin11, bloodshot04, blutgang18, companion10, faerghus09, ofruin13, osuwari18 and persecution17 for denmark03, denmark05, nyan08, cranegames12, brynhilde16, chivalrous04, lithuania12, iceland18, and japan15. Recieved wealthy18 and tsundere16 as gifts! Traded sigs!
Traded with neverbepractical russia09, gakuen07, nekotalia20, gangleader08, cannon04, airhead07, england20, aisu05 and aisu06.

November 14, 2022
Went to the Art Shop and exchanged 1 red crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon and 2 brown crayons for russia05, russia15, scrunchie20, yuki17 and miku02.
Traded with crabg1rl and recieved lithuania01 in return for noopinions07. Recieved iceland01 and iceland12 as gifts!

November 13, 2022
Traded with tophatcats and exchanged cry19 for tsundere13. Recieved one red crayon, one blue crayon, and one brown crayon as gifts :D!
Went to the Art Studio and exchanged trash13, bloodlust06, potato13, snowcountry10, grumbly06, valvrave07, niconiya16, midorikaru14, and steamworld11 for russia08, russia19, russia20.
Participated in Little Spell Academia 235 and recieved lithuania03, america07, america06, wealthy17, japan16, communication05, wealthy14, communication13, eggplant11, russia01, communication14, russia16 and southitaly08.
Was bribed into voting for Rikku and recieved cannon19, prussia08, prussia09, prussia16, lithuania11, lithuania17, japan07, japan11, southitaly13, iceland05, iceland10, iceland19, hallmonitor08, hallmonitor10 and cannon18.
Took from Release 150 and recieved easylove07, eyespy08, nabata03, huey07, brightbard20, incantations12, bowties08, tenderthief18, imitate08, metals11 and dotdotdot04.

November 12, 2022
Participated in Scramble! 150 and recieved formula09, severe11, yankee05, ostia19, trash13, sincerity08, pocket15, beaker07, hounan04, mirror17, brainwash13, identities16, earthquake14, rouge03, hakubaiko15, twig17, zearth15, sextuplet16, 1 brown crayon.
Participated in Reading Between The Lines 316 and recieved magicfire16, ossan10, happyda09, secretary01, prelati07, kittywitch11, lyst05, blutgang18.
Levelled up! Recieved russia17, bodydouble09, zucchi17, 1 purple crayon.

November 10, 2022
Participated in Coloring Book 289 and recieved companion10, noopinions07, nevarra07, steamworld11, countzero03, haku05, uzumaki10, eyespy12.
Recieved my signature!
Traded with flurface and exchanged uzumaki10 and lineface01 for switzerland06 and southitaly09. Recieved tsundere02, wealthy11 and hallmointor05 as gifts!
Traded with misheard and exchanged countzero03, countzero06, eyespy12 and tested16 for 1stchild20, switzerland04, lie04, and japan06. Recieved japan08, iceland20, southitaly18, yuki12, yuki13, yuki20, enanan17, eggplant18, hallmonitor07, gangleader12, tsundere03, tsundere14, wealthy19, mmorpg15, and nekotalia05 as gifts!
Participated in Twenty Questions 029 and recieved baton15, bubble05, potato13, deathseeker16, cannon05, bloodlust06.
Participated in Silly Blanks 135 and recieved cornelia19, primera08, curemagical13, merm4id02, 14thmoon12, consultation15, cockatoo03, cry19, bloodshot04, punches17.

November 9, 2022
Was gifted enanan16, nekotalia15 by nonclione.
Participated in Coloring Book 289 and recieved niconiya16, midorikaru14, stage08, widowed14, arias13, haku19, olivia12, countzero06. Donated rozarria15.
Traded with Koinuko and recieved secretshop06 in return for olivia12.
Participated in Silly Blanks 135 and turned in widowed14, skipping20.

November 8, 2022
Participated in Switch It Up 201 and exchanged pose01, written05 for austria14, maitreya17.
Participated in Coloring Book 289 and donated cursedtwin16.
Participated in Release 150 and recieved motorola20, skipping20, ofruin13, lend01, harp09, scrunchie05, miku05, communication10, aubin11, yuki06, bookstacks17, persecution17, wolfskin06, solocamper13, assal07, mmorpg13, hakujoudai16, tested16, faerghus09, iidako18, jankenpon09, bunnygirl01, malignant16, nucleus05.
Traded with Koinuko and recieved enanan08 in return for hakujoudai16.
Traded with gloomlee and recieved france20, america15 in return for iidako18, harp09.

November 7,2022
Received bonus cards written05, cursedtwin16.
Participated in Little Spell Academia 234 and recieved gangleader11, hallmonitor01, japan18, russia14, lithuania06, yuki03, hallomintor14, scrunchie08, scrunchie04.

November 6, 2022
Joined and recieved russia04, russia10, lineface01, grumbly06, pose01, valvrave07, snowcountry10, rozarria15.

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