my collections!

this is where i put all my collections! collecting is one of my favourite things ever, and i collect a number of things, even more than what's on this page; some of those are rocks, blankets, posters, and even more! i've been collecting all of my stuff for a number of years. i do ask that as these are real photos of my real stuff from my real life, you please don't steal them :( i appreciate it! that all being said, have fun looking at my junk!


one of the things i've been collecting longer! my manga collection means the world to me. i honestly am not sure what i would do if any of my manga got damaged, i'd probably cry. i try to take really good care of all of them, and i honestly very rarely offer them to people. there are some in there that i bought second-hand, which aren't in as good of shape (namely shugo chara + spice and wolf,) so not much can be done about them, but that's okay! i've only ever sold two manga- the ocarina of time LOZ manga, and the first volume of sailor moon. (which i sort of regret. ^^")

ita bags!

a sort of new thing! i've always love love LOVED ita bags, and so back in 2020 i got my very own! it started out as multifandom, but overtime i was able to get enough merch to make it danganronpa focused (as you can see on the right.) earlier this year, i got the second one (left) second-hand from an anime convention in my area. i also got a bunch of vocaloid merchandise there, so i figured i could make it a vocaloid one! i absolutely love both of them, they took so much of my money but they mean to much to me.

movies and games!

my movies and games! unfortunately, i'm severely lacking in the games department, but hey, that's why emulators exist. the movies are the part i'm more proud of- you probably wouldn't guess it from first glance at this site, but i LOVE horror movies. i'm not really a gorehound- gore for the sake of gore doesn't do it for me. that being said, i am in LOVE with slasher movies! i got into them back in 2018 and since then i've been building up my collection of movies on dvd. i also have a few other movies in there, peep the miku expo 2016 blueray LOL. my main goal right now is to get a copy of black christmas from 1974. if i can own that on dvd/blueray, my life will be complete.


probably the most personal of my collections, my kandi! i've been making kandi since 2019, and in that time my kandi has gone through a lot of changes. i used to make them with pipe cleaners, believe it or not. it was a dark time. i've since moved on to bigger and better things, and for a while i just stuck to singles, but recently i learned how to make more complex cuffs and i've been having a blast with them! it's been seriously fun. (also, don't mind link- he's attached to a necklace, LOL.)