about me!

hello! i'm langley. i'm currently 17 years old and i identify as unlabeled, and i will sometimes call myself nonbinary and genderqueer as umbrella terms. my pronoun usage fluctuates but i mostly use he/they. i'm the creator of this website! i first created it because i thought it would be fun to have a place whereinwhich i could talk about my interests, namely anime.

i'm the host of a DID system, and i'm a fictive of mafuyu asahina from project sekai/colorful stage. please feel free to ask me about this, i don't mind at all! i also consider myself to be an angel and a vampire, not for any kin or system reasons, i just identify with the labels. they're fun.

you can click here for my quiz reuslts, and here for my adoptables!

my socials:

my mini-kinlist!


★ asuka langley soryu (nge)
★ akito shinonome (proseka)
★ n (pokemon bw)
★ konata izumi (lucky star)
★ ena (joel-g)
★ homura akemi (pmmm)
★ misa amane (death note)
★ miku hatsune (vocaloid)
★ lain iwakura (sel)

things i like!

stamps, writing + drawing,
transformers, old web,
kandi, emocore + scenecore,
slashers, pocky, ramune,
the outside, earrings!

things i don't like!

BUGS, especially spiders,
bullying, oranges and pears,
country music, dirt,
excessive gore, jelly + jam,
when it's humid out.